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True randomness

Does true randomness exists in our reality? Is it possible to generate a random number? In the essay published yesterday, discussing what is consciousness, we pointed out that it could be related with Randomness concept. Both...


What is consciousness?

Many thinkers tried to give a sense and a reason to Conscious. The task is far from easy, but a deep comprehension of Quantum Mechanic, Patterns and Evolution could help us to understand. In...


Birds and Quantum Entanglement – Atracion law

Quantum entanglement is a messaging protocol and a technique that can be used to influence event realisation, such as humans and animals behaviours. On this video, a man is suggesting to the birds in...


Mindset – Be prepared

To become a better version of yourself, you have to explore. It is not necessary to know yourself. You do not have to know yourself to achieve your goal. Yourself is a very complex...


Layers composing reality

What is reality? It is past, present and future. It is here and there. It is love, hate, anger, dreams. Reality is composed of a lot of informations. It is in constant movement, pushed...


What is Hyperhumanology?

Hyperhumanology is the study of the human connection with the Reality Layers. This is an experimental science linking dots between concepts like Quantum Mechanic, Telekinesis, Meditation or Positive Thinking.   At numerous occasions, Humanity unleashed a...

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