Layers composing reality

What is reality?

It is past, present and future. It is here and there. It is love, hate, anger, dreams. Reality is composed of a lot of informations. It is in constant movement, pushed by visible and invisible strengths. Controllable and incontrollable strengths.

In fact, reality is much more complex than a given state at a given time, or that a potential event realisation, pushed by some strengths. Reality is the whole. 

Conscious layer

During the first years of life, the body learns how to interpret the information available in this layer. Year after year, when becoming a young adult and accumulating self-confidence, this layer becomes the one we tend to trust and believe. We take self decisions that are more and more rational, based on our understanding and experience of the Conscious Layer.

The reality appears when we take notice of the information and we need to evaluate it. There is no real ground, wind or tomato, at least not the way we used to think it was. When we touch something with our finger, the feeling we have is pure neuronal information. The deformation of our finger, when touching the object, is just another information, that describes the current observed state.  

Some aspects of this layer (as well as the Subconscious layer) can be described as composants of a computer. And this is not a coincidence. In that comparaison, the Conscious Layer would be the composition of the Display and the RAM. Yes, reality is thrifty. The Conscious layer do not need to store all the information. It just need to store the information that matter at that moment. What does matter at that moment? All what is being observed and measured, or involved in the realisation of an event. The rest is just superflu information, that will evolve following a pattern. A good engineer would do the same.

Subconscious layer

Humans, during their first years of life, have a low understanding of the Conscious Layer. They trust their Subconscious and its decisions. 

In many modern societies, education and external factors tend to reduce the involvement of the Subconscious Layer in humans everyday life. “Stop dreaming”, they always say. “Come back on earth”.

In this layer, there is no notion of time, space, gravity, or any other law that may exist in the conscious layer. Everything is needed to simulate what will be experienced in the Conscious Layer is there, waiting to be processed.

Imagine a software simulating a reality, following a complex established pattern. You could run the program and discover the events resolutions seconds per seconds, but you could also directly look at the state of the program of any given moment of its execution, through a specific program command. You may also create one version of the final resolution of every event probabilities, while keeping a track of all event that have been resolved. At any moment, you could compute another final resolution of the program that would have happen if you changed any variable , and so the probabilities of resolution of the associated events.

In this software, there is no past, present or future. There is just a state, at a given stage of the program execution. It doesn’t mean that future is already written. It means future will resolves in a predictable way, based on patterns accessible by your Subconscious.

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