Mindset – Be prepared

To become a better version of yourself, you have to explore. It is not necessary to know yourself. You do not have to know yourself to achieve your goal. Yourself is a very complex entity, itself composed of complex entities, while being part of other entities, that you will discover over time. 

Vibration is a key element of everything. It makes reality by carrying information. Your brain, as everything around you, vibrates on different frequencies. In order to be part of a given reality, you have to vibrate at the frequencies that makes that reality. 

But how to vibrate at the good frequency?

Your subconscious is, generally, the only one having the necessary tools to interact with the Subconscious Layer. But your conscious is here, stuck in the Conscious Layer. To communicate, your conscious and subconscious need protocols. But as your conscious only has access to the Now reality, the one that appeares to be made of atoms, it has to create inventive forms of expression. Vibration are perfect for that. Most of them are not in the perceptible frequency of most animal eyes. Your subconscious, aware of every fragment of reality where the conscious is involved, use those vibration as a protocol to communicate between both layers.

Having a good mindset is critical. Visualising, feeling and forecasting the reality you want makes your body vibrate at a frequency that will be interpreted by your subconscious and will have a huge impact in the Conscious Layer.

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