What is consciousness?

Many thinkers tried to give a sense and a reason to Conscious. The task is far from easy, but a deep comprehension of Quantum Mechanic, Patterns and Evolution could help us to understand.

In fact, once you start linking the dots, there is a possible reason that is not complicated neither to explain, or understand. We are experiencing a reality that is mostly following Patterns. Nature laws, frequencies, DNA… there is a scheme for everything. Or close to everything. The exception goes to Conscious.

Consciously realised events are the only events with a value not determined following a pattern and a probability. Being able of Consciousness is a tool brought by evolution to entities of all aspects and sizes, from Plants to Humans, to be able to influence the realisation of events that would have followed a pattern otherwise.

That gives to those entities the power of changing the history. A wonderful tool, from Universe view point, that greatly complicate its execution pattern, that could in fact turnĀ Unpredictable.

Unpredictable means, in our culture, that the base algorithm that define the event value includes some piece of Randomness. Finally, Conscious is nothing else but the purest expression of Randomness by the Universe itself.

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